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This review may contain spoilers.


Alright real talk, I wasn’t able to review this last night because how could I? I thought about it and yeah, I think I loved it. Not quite what I expected. Didn’t read too many interpretations yet beyond Ebert’s two vague reviews and the Wikipedia plot, but I gather that Diane is dreaming this, and Betty is an allegory for her curiousity, and Rita is for the truth about Hollywood and show business...? And the blue box is the connection between the dream and reality I think....? I really liked the club scene, the subtext helped me understand the meaning of the ending a little more. I’d say this is right on par with Eraserhead as being Lynch’s best, don’t know as of right now which I like more though. 

Proofreading this and realizing how many question marks I used was kinda funny ngl

I love how he just walks around with dried pink paint on his blazer for some time.

I’m writing this as I skim through it paying attention to the little details the second time around.

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