The Irishman

The Irishman ★★★½

One of my Top favorite Directors of All-Time brings his new film The Irishman and even this late in his legendary career Martin Scorsese continues to shows why he is the best. Right from the opening scene you know your in Scorsese world by the style of fourth wall breaking, the music and the scorcese style of shooting on display. One of the complaints about the movie is the runtime but I say its Martin Scorsese give this legend all the time he wants !! 🤘🤘😂🤣 No but seriously I'm not being biased I felt the editing and pacing of the film was great and the 3.5 hours went along very smoothly and every scene was a payoff in the end to the story and characters. The de-aging in the film is I thought was great. I've seen some remarkable stuff done in the Marvel Cinematic universe with De-Aging but the Irishman it was really dam good. I was trying to find scenes where it could be noticable but me personally I couldn't find a single one.
Speaking of the best, the film relies strongly on the three lead characters performances and to make sure that job is done Scorsese places legends Al Pacino, Robert Deniro and Joe Pesci in those roles.
Al Pacino was fantastic as always and brought a very stylized savagery to Jimmy Hoffa that actually makes you laugh while shaking your head like oh my god this guy really went there.
Joe Pesci hasn't lost a step and in his performance he gives the character Russell Bufalino. He brings a sense of calmness in his manner of speech but it's the Expression in the eyes and face that whatever he says or orders is final end of sentence.
Finally, Robert De Niro has such a resume of great performances that it's hard to say this is his best but without a doubt it's worthy and up there in contention. That said though this is without a doubt some of his best work in years. The Frank Sheeran character faces the challenges of family, friendship and loyalty that whatever path he takes it will destroy the other and De Niro's performance your heart breaks for the man. Like I said it's not my perosnal favorite performance of Robert De Niro's but it is still without a doubt Oscar worthy !!
The only flaw of the film(I had to dig to find one) was that in some scenes the actors age defintly showed. The characters are suppose to be represented in there 30's but you could definitely tell in scenes when they would ruff someone up that the way the actors moved these guys were old. 😂🤣😂🤣
Personally this is not my favorite film of 2019 and I have a few movie contenders to see but from Directing, Acting, Editing, Cinematography, Story etc. I feel this film checks all the boxes to have the best chance to be nominated for Best Picture in 2020.
Overall, The Irishman is another outstanding cinematic 😉🤣 accomplishment from Martin Scorsese with outstanding performances by all three of legendary leads.

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