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Weekly film Podcast: Forrest Miller, Conan Neutron, J. Andrew World, and Kristina Oakes talk movies and After Party Forever!


Episode 186: Real Life with Sam Seder

Was the first reality show lampoon really in 1979? It appears so! Forrest Miller, J. Andrew World, and Kristina Oakes talk about Albert Brooks with the return of Sam Seder of the Majority Report!

Episode 173: Possession with Renee Ruin

"For the first time, you look vulgar to me." Renee Ruin of the Night Shift Podcast is back with Forrest, J. Andrew World, Conan Neutron, and Kristina Oakes on Australian Time for a discussion of Andrzej Żuławski's 1981 horror/divorce masterpiece.

Liked reviews

Great documentary full of stories on a subject that I've always really been interested in. This is an honest lack of glamor look at being a touring band. Unless you consider cum stained motel rooms, piss flooded basements with clarinet, crazed methheads, the smell of ferrets and various other fun situations glamorous.

The best, most realistic and only allowable film about touring.

without a shred of hyperbole...probably in the top ten best things i've ever seen in my life.

For some reason I’m craving breakfast.

More scientific research teams should have a bongo guy.

Visually stunning. Probably Christopher Nolan’s most Christopher Nolan spectacle yet. It’s got three timelines going at once, symbolic visuals abound, constant scientific visualization of characters emotional states.

I think that it’s hard to use spectacle to convey tragedy. We expect action, we want heroes, there are no heroes here… and I think some of the truly cataclysmic implications of what happened due to both Trinity and Hiroshima/Nagasaki get swept up in that.

At the same time, the visuals also, at…

yo cillian murphy ain’t gonna be happy when oscar season comes along.

Actual representation for physics enthusiasts, and certainly the most Chris Nolan of Chris Nolan films. If you don’t like that dudes things. Don’t see it! I just saw it in IMAX and 70MM film at the theater Nolan debuted it at (thanks to my bud Randy Randall of No Age for that tip.). Overall? I loved it 

When I had my mid-20s life crisis, I briefly considered going back and getting a degree to teach physics. As a lifelong autodidactic…