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  • Revenge of the Necromancer


  • War Horse


  • My One and Only


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  • Revenge of the Necromancer

    Revenge of the Necromancer


    I really wish I could enjoy this more, but I was unable to look past the weird dialogue and lack of excitement.
    Apart from the actual decent look that this film has, it was very hard to actual find a scene that wasn't unintentionally funny or that wasn't flawed in some fundemental way (plot, character development, conversations, editing, etc).

    And Jimmy's dad only looks like 5-10 years older than him.
    Not that it's a technical error, but I felt it was odd to sit and watch two people almost seemingly the same age, and play the father/son part

  • War Horse

    War Horse


    War Horse is a lot of things.
    Too stuffed, too long and...too much.
    It is basicly a bunch of short stories that are tied together by a horse.
    I expected a more linear story, but I can't decide if that would have worked better.
    This is more or less a crowd pleaser for the horse enthustiasts, but there is not much for everybody else.
    Unless you want to see scenes where a group of soldiers can't decide if they see…

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  • Abandon


    I should have abandoned watching this.

  • Mall Cops

    Mall Cops

    After seeing this, I am ready for lockdown number 3.
    Clearly re-opening the society was a mistake.

    Filled with cringeworthy dialogue, empty flat characters with little to no personality, incoherent and inconsistent plot (they hire a third mallcop, when they can't even afford two), jokes with no set-up, jokes with no punchline, a joke where the punchline is litteraly a punch.
    The list goes on.
    And so will I.

    The two mall cops takes turn to play a thief, where…