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  • Very Bad Things

    Very Bad Things


    If you thought The Hangover movies played it a bit too safe and was kinda boring, this won't dissapoint.

    Completly twisted, deranged and delightfully dark.
    I had my doubts what to expect for the first 20 minutes, but then the movie amped it to 11 and it fully kicked off.
    It manages to keep things interesting for it's entire runtime, and a lot of the credit goes to Christian Slater, who is in his best crazy element.

    It was truly…

  • My Old Lady

    My Old Lady


    Starts off as a sweet and charming movie, but then switches to a more darker and serious tone.
    I actually admire that.
    The first time I watched it, I was surprised by the conversations and topics they were having.
    And I was still hit with surprise once again on the rewatch.

    The dialogue is tight, sharp and goes straight for the throat at times.
    You can be laughing at a joke one minute, and the next being fully captivated by…

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  • Dead Presidents

    Dead Presidents


    The vietnam and heist parts was well constructed, but everything inbetween didn't do it for me.
    So overall, it didn't have any (or at least very little) impact on me.

  • Something Wild

    Something Wild


    Starts off as an entertaining and sorta down to earth road movie, but turns into something completly different in the second half.
    The movies tone and style are completly different, but somehow it merges smoothly.
    I really liked Ray Liotta's part in this.
    In his right element, he can give a terrific performance, and such is the case here.

    I have to admit, there were a few minor parts that annoyed me.
    But when a waitress looked directly in the…