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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Whilst I am a huge fan of Mila and a big chunk of her past movies (I mean hello, The Fifth Element and the Resident Evil movies), this movie fell short of my expectations. 

I mean it was good and all and the special effects were great (no skimping on CGI), but overall it fell flat on getting to a good point quick. It dragged out what should have been a good story snd ended with a 10 minute “big” fight scene as the worlds collided. Characters weren’t developed enough. Oh Mila has a ring in a box. What does this mean? Has she stolen it from Gollum, or is there a past that we haven’t had any meaning added too... personally I think it’s option one and the ring is her “preshusssss”

And hello (again) a giant tower features throughout the entire movie and we get a 30 second view of what it might be with no further development. And then bang, 10 seconds later it’s gone....

And was anyone else confused how this US army person suddenly goes against all her training and takes the responsibility of the ENTIRE EARTH on her shoulders (without permission) and decides to become a monster hunter....

Overall disappointing. Almost gave this 3/5 but gave an extra 1/2 point as I love Mila!! And removed a while 1 point as it was more disappointing than I though. So overall revised score down to 2/5