Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★★

AVENGERS ENDGAME marks the end of a very special era. 11 years ago, Kevin Fiege and the team at Marvel Studios constructed an idea so ambitious and so complex, that it was almost destined to fail. Sequels were common, but often paled in comparison to their predecessors and cross-overs were a rare occurrence, but the idea of a Cinematic Universe was a completely foreign concept at the time. The summer of 2008 was a groundbreaking time for film in many ways, but particularly how it shaped the industry and the dominance of the "superhero" genre. "Iron Man" and "The Dark Knight" demonstrated the potential of the genre and significantly broadened the audience that these films appeal to. Superheroes were officially cool and everyone was getting in on the conversation. While "The Dark Knight" is easily the better film, "Iron Man" set a better precedent for the genre going forward. It brilliantly toggled the line between lighthearted comic book whimsy (which Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy mastered) and a more grounded and grittier tone.

After a few stumbles and a very solid Captain America movie, Kevin Fiege and Joss Weaton brought their brilliant idea to life with "The Avengers". The Avengers was the definition of a cinematic event. I remember sitting in the theatre and being absolutely blown away by the shear ambition of the film. I was always liked Marvel, but this made me such a big fan. 2012 was a year dominated by boundary-pushing blockbusters, but nothing was as unique and magical as the characters we had been watching for the past four years, finally coming together in an epic collaborative event. Not only was this brilliant in concept, but the characters (and the actors portraying them) had such natural chemistry, that it was clear the Fiege had something truly special on his hands

7 years later, the MCU has become one of, if not the biggest franchise in film history and has inspired countless other cinematic universes (none of which have become even close to as successful). After dominating the industry, interweaving multiple individual franchises, inspiring countless people and breaking numerous records (including the first superhero film to score a Best Picture nomination!), it's finally time for this chapter of the MCU to come to a close.

Concluding a franchise is no easy feat, especially one that has essentially shaped the decade. The Russo's brothers deserved so much credit for what they were able to accomplish with "Avengers: Infinity War". It's a bold and truly epic film that delivers on its sky-high expectations, while taking quite a few risks That being said, while it works very well as an individual film, it's essentially build-up for the final chapter in this epic franchise: "Avengers: Endgame".

I honestly don't know where to start. The Russo's have created a masterful conclusion to an epic saga, that manages to somehow tie all the loose knots into a perfect bow. In Avengers: Infinity War, while fighting Thanos, Doctor Strange mentioned that he saw 14M possible solutions, but only one is truly right. That quote perfectly applies to what the Russo brothers were able to accomplish here. There were so many possible ways that this film could have played out, yet somehow the Russo's defy the impossible and surpass sky high expectations, by concluding this saga in an emotionally satisfying way that weaves in fan service but also offers plenty of unexpected surprises.

Avengers: Endgame boats an intimidating 180 minute runtime, but it earns every single second. It's a massive event packed with everything that you would want from a movie of this caliber. The Russo's and Fiege have such a obvious love and passion for the characters and story that is being told, which is made very clear through the filmmaking and writing. They craft a impeccably satisfying film that celebrates the past 11 years and rewards fans who have stuck with the franchise since its conception.

At this point the MCU has fully fleshed out every single one of its core characters, giving the Russo's the opportunity really hone in on the relationships between the "earth's mightiest heroes. Whether we have watched these characters for the past 10 years or they were just recently introduced, they are all three dimensional characters with complex feelings and motivations. Endgame is epic in scale holds many surprises, but what makes it so impressive is the intimate character driven moments that make you realize how emotionally attached you are to this cinematic world.

I'm so impressed with what Fiege and the Russo Brothers were able to accomplish. They had everything stacked against them, yet they were able to deliver a completely satisfying and groundbreaking finale that celebrates what this franchise has accomplished, while setting up the future of this universe. It's an absolutely incredible feat that will surely go down as one of the defying films of the 21st Century.