tick, tick...BOOM!

tick, tick...BOOM! ★★★★½

There was something magical about walking through the streets of Toronto in the rain after watching Lin Manuel Miranda’s absolutely brilliant directorial debut “Tick Tick Boom”. A city brimming with hopes and dreams, yet the fog clouded the tip of the skyline, as if those dreams were not yet attainable. Tick Tick Boom is a film all about dreams and what we sacrifice for art. I’ve been very critical of Lin’s post-Hamilton career, but I have to hand it to him, he put every fibre of being into making this movie and it really payed off. It unfolds in a sporadic and hyper-energetic fashion, as it intentionally mimics the feeling of going through an existential crisis as a struggling artist in NYC, trying desperately to be heard - something that Lin obviously had first hand experience with before he gained his success. The film’s energy is infectious, but it wasn’t until the last act when Lin brings everything together that I realized he had crafted a near-perfect film. Andrew Garfield is at the centre, delivering a gargantuan performance that should surely earn him his second Oscar nomination, if not a win. Tick Tick Boom is without a doubt one of the best films of the year and I cannot wait to watch it again.

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