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It was a challenge to determine what my number one film of the year was. Some years are easier than others and this year fell on the difficult side. It all came down to the film that stayed with me the most. The film that made me think and stood out when compared to everything else that came out this year. That film ended up being Drive. My appreciation for Drive has grown even greater long after I watched it for the first time. Nicolas Winding Refn has become one of my favorite directors. I recently experienced the greatness that is his Pusher trilogy. Also Bronson was an intense emotional ride, and I was even a fan of Valhalla Rising. Refn’s films are the perfect example of how a talented director can impact a movie. Drive is not a film for everyone. In fact I would completely understand why some people would hate it. The limited dialogue, the meticulous slow pace, and intense violence may not be everyone’s cup of tea, however it was mine. I appreciated how everything served a purpose beyond just the plot of the movie. Drive is the ultimate exercise in style. It is an homage that borders on self parody. To the opening credits to the final climax I was consistently surprised where the film went. Ryan Gosling was cold and mystifying as the mysterious Driver. Plus how do you beat Albert Brooks as a ruthless gangster killer? Add in one of the best and original car chases in quite awhile as well. Be warned this isn’t a fast pace action thriller the trailer may lead you to believe. It is pretty much the exact opposite. Drive takes the idea of a slow burn and redefines it to an entire new format.

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