Anne at 13,000 ft ★★★★★

ANNE AT 13000FT is a huge step forward for Director Kazik Radwanski, marking a strong entry in his own filmography, while also exploring the lengths of which Canadian Cinema can go.

It's a full bodied film, exploring the uncomfortable truths, insecurities and joys of Deragh Campbell's character, whom delivers an exceptional performance here. The visual language is consistent in its claustrophobia, presenting each frame in tight close-ups, as we slowly uncover all of the mini details and awkward moments in character interactions and subtle shifts in conflict.

The story is timely and opens relevant discussions to be had about mental health, and coming to the aid of those we know, or may not know, who are in need. Radwanski refuses to present antagonists solely as antagonists, but rather those who could be suffering as well, creating a full-bodied piece.