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  • Abe


    If only a dinner could end years of conflict, life would be so easy. One can always dream.
    Abe is a nice little indie with great food cinematography. The parents are annoying but Abe tries hard to please both sides of his family. It was a nice touch by the film makers to try and show that the cuisine of both cultures is...well....the same.

    Come for the shawarma tacos, stay for the family reconciliation.

  • Extreme Job

    Extreme Job

    A nice blend of comedy and action. A squad of goofball cops turn out to be pretty good at making fried chicken and running a restaurant. They almost forget they are cops and so do you until the final act.


    Come for the fried chicken, stay for the final showdown

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  • East Side Sushi

    East Side Sushi

    A hidden gem with a nice blend of culture clash between two immigrants and a person's drive to excel at something foreign. It was comforting to see someone discover new cuisine and then combine it with familiar flavors to make something unique.

    Come for the Mexican Japanese fusion, stay for the determination

  • Chef


    A simple film about a chef rediscovering his passion while bonding with his son.

    We are sure many people going to see this film are already foodies. But for those who are not this film will make you fall in love with food. The cinematography on the food itself deserves 4 stars.

    A cubano never looked so good!

    Come for the cubano, stay for the personal growth