The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★★

This movie. First I did watch it with my mother and my sister which was weird. Even with this very awkward roadblock I still thought this was a very good movie. Terrific performances, maybe one of my favorite of the year by Jonah HIll, even though DiCaprio was extraordinary I don't know Jonah Hill was very Jonah Hilly. Everyone was terrific, directing superb, but I had two issues with this film. One more of a personal thing:

1. I found this movie to be a bit longer than completely necessary

2. The Cerebral Palsy comparison I did not find funny unlike the rest of the cinema. Yes this is based of a real guy who said these things and there a lot more awful things in this film, but when you know someone with it you don't find it funny.

Besides these two things I found the movie excellent. You know after McConaughey started the chest bump and sound effects I kind of started doing it and might of left the cinema doing it along with the people surrounding me.

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