Bicycle Thieves

Bicycle Thieves ★★★½

There sure were Bicycles thieves!

Bicycle Thieves is a movie about desperation and what it will do to a person. We see our main character who has just got this job required to have a bike. Unluckily for him he just sold his bike but thankfully he’s able to get it back. And then it gets stolen and things aren’t gonna be so easy for him now. He’s desperate to find it. He needs to find it. He needs to. This film is amazing in almost every aspect. The acting is really good especially from the main character. The direction is especially amazing. The score is really good. It looks really nice. The writing is phenomenal. It explores desperation which is a very interesting topic. My problem is there just isn’t much else to it I guess. It’s a simple film and a lot of it is just our main character looking to the bike. I wouldn’t say it’s ever boring but it didn’t always have my interest because of it. Like it’s entertaining if that makes sense but idk how to describe it. I just didn’t more to latch on to. It just needed more weight is what I’m basically trying to say. It’s such a well made movie but I don’t think it does anything to become amazing. It’s great but fails to be otherwise in my opinion of course. It’s certainly an influence on other films to come. It has extremely high reviews and while I think it’s not as good as some say yeah it’s great. The really liked the ending. It all kind of clicked by then. It’s at least short. I’d need to rewatch. Maybe I’ll fully understand why everyone loves it as much as they do. Still it’s a really great movie. It truly is. I’d recommend it. Overall Bicycle Thieves is a simple movie but it’s insanely well made. 

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