Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom ★★★½

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
is an amazing film that will definitely be nominated for many Oscars come Awards season. Yeah this is just so good. It met my expectations thankfully. Sure it’s maybe not super cinematic but I still think it’s really well made especially with things like editing and makeup. It has some slow moments but I was surprisingly very entertained for a majority of it’s nicely short runtime. That is definitely one of the reasons why it’s as good as it is. If it was longer it would’ve been not nearly as good. I usually expect a film like this to be quite long but that’s not the case with this which I’m certainly happy about. I actually had a fun time with it but maybe that’s not a good way to describe it idk. The acting here is really what pulls it over the edge. The late Chadwick Boseman is just incredible here. His performance is the best thing about this film. He is energetic and says every line with cariama. He’s predicted to win for this and I really hope that happens. It will be the only chance for this to happen due to his recent passing and it will truly be deserved. There’s a sort of speech around I’d say the thirty minute mark that just shows of his talent. Viola Davis is also great. I thought she’d be in it more but she’s still quite incredible. She’ll definitely be nominated and may win though it’s not as much of a lock as it is for Boseman. All the other performances are great as well. It’s really well written. I love the dialogue and different conversations. The end is awesome. I did not expect it at all. The movie has a lot more of a darker tone than I thought it would. Like dang this is really dark! Honestly not much more to say at the moment. So yeah definitely watch it. It’s almost definitely gonna get a picture nomination which will be certainly deserved! Overall Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom is an incredible and important film that is one of the best of the year.

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