Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

Promising Young Woman
is such a phenomenal movie. Just wow this movie is insane. They have been some mixed reactions to this film and I totally get that. It’s not for everyone. But I just adore this. Carey Mulligan is just amazing here. Her character is so interesting. She perfectly fit the role. She truly gives an awards worthy performance. I really hope she wins. Not sure she will but she has a chance. The rest of the cast is great as well even if she is certainly the stand out. Bo Burnham gave a really good performance. He some how holds his own next to Mulligan even if he is not close to her performance. He still does a terrific job. There a lot of other good performances here. It has a pretty great cast. The direction here is so good. It’s a very colorful movie. It really does look like candy. The cinematography is pretty great as well. The film is both sad and funny and intense and fun. All these factors somehow work. This film is really entertaining despite the rough subject matter. It’s never boring and it’s so captivating from beginning to end. But it’s also extremely intense especially in the third act. Like wow I was shaking. I also really like the dark humor here. Speaking of the end it is great. Some people don’t seem to like it but I thought it was an incredible way to end the film. And satisfying enough as well though satisfying is probably not the word I should use to describe it. I might have to change it to a 4 later but for now a 4.5 just feels so right. The screenplay is great as well. I can definitely see why someone would think it doesn’t necessarily handle the subject matter correctly but I disagree. I thought it handled it in a great way. It didn’t hold back. Which may be some people’s problem with it I’m not sure though. It’s really rough near the end as well. That one scene and I think you know what I’m talking about if you’ve seen it, is just insane. My god. I should also mention the soundtrack. It’s just so cool. Really fits the style and feel of the film so well. This movie just really hit me hard. This movie just did everything perfectly for me at least. Again it’s probably closer to a 4 but it just impacted me so much. I just love how the plot unfolds in this movie. It’s just so interesting. So fun. So awesome. Just so phenomenal. I love it so much.  Definitely one of my favorites of last year. Hope it gets a bunch of Oscar nominations which I think it will thankfully. I can’t recommend this enough. Watch it! Overall Promising Young Woman is just such an amazing movie that just blew me away.

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