Rashomon ★★★★

is an amazing movie from Akira Kurosawa. The man really knew how to make a movie. This was my third film from him and I’m really digging his work so far. I definitely really gotta watch Seven Samurai which is definitely seemingly is most acclaimed and certainly most popular film. This one is pretty dark but by the end it isn’t as pessimistic as I originally thought. Sometimes it feels a little hollow but it’s mostly just incredible. The interesting thing about Kurosawa’s work or at least the films I’ve seen from him is that they don’t actually include much action. That’s something you would probably expect from a samurai movie but that’s just not the case with the films I’ve seen from him. Their much more focused on building characters which I care about more in a film anyways. This movie is very interesting. Almost every character is morally wrong. At the center we have this story of a murder and their trying to figure out how it happened. The murder is told in different ways by different people. This film reminds me a bit of Memento. It just does. It’s very well made. Kurosawa does a great job at directing this movie. Great cinematography here. It really tells a story in its own way. The score is amazing. It’s just a very captivating movie. The short runtime stops it from feeling repetitive which definitely could’ve happened. It does everything it can in that time frame. It’s short but affective. It used every second of the runtime to it’s advantage. The acting is great. It’s amazing. I’d highly recommend it. This year I want to watch both more classic movies and more foreign movies and this is a mixture of both so that is very nice. Overall Rashomon is an incredible movie.

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