Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★½

Ready or Not
is a ridiculously fun and violent horror spin on hide and seek. Full of a lot of gore and death, it never failed to entertain. The dark comedy aspects worked really well. The ending was hilarious in a deluded way. Samara Weaving was awesome as the protagonist. The rest of the cast was good as well. Was it over the top? Most definitely. But was it extremely aw? Hell yeah! It wasn’t necessarily scary but there were some more intense sequences. It was a nice way to come back into the Spooktober mood especially with Halloween coming up in just a few days. The film was just insane. It was easy to kind of predict what was going to happen but that’s alright. It was just so much fun. It definitely get better as it went a long. It’s a lot better than it may seem. I don’t necessarily have any big problems but a 3.5 is really the highest I could rate it. For me that’s a great score. I know I keep using the word awesome but it really is awesome. It’s a straightforward bloody fun movie. The characters were also surprisingly pretty good. They in laws were pretty fun characters especially that crazy aunt. They did pretty much everything they could with this crazy concept. Maybe you won’t like it too much if you look at it for a more objective standpoint but if you’re there for some fun this will deliver and I think it has a little more to offer than just that. I had a blast. That’s the best way to sum it up. Overall Ready or Not is a really entertaining horror movie.

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