Se7en ★★★★

My 1000th Movie🤯
My 1000th Movie🤠
Wow this is awesome! It’s still not that many movies but damn it’s a good amount. Now of course many of those films that I rated could be considered not really films but I’m counting them anyways! Also my memory works in strange ways so I could have a few films marked as watched that I didn’t really watch but whatever lol. Still this is awesome! I wouldn’t have reached this for a long time if it weren’t for this app. It really got me more into movies. Thanks everyone! 
Now onto the review! 

Se7en is another incredible movie from David Fincher. Other than Mank, I have loved all of his movies. While this still isn’t my favorite film from him it’s definitely close. My favorite from him is still Gone Girl just by a bit. This is one of his best. I’m glad that I finally watched this one. It’s an iconic movie. This was jus mind blowing. It truly was. The whole film is amazing but the final twenty minutes are even better. The film led up to that moment and it thankfully didn’t disappoint. This is a dark and disturbing movie. It’s pretty sad as well and there is a lot to take in. The ending was just wow. Just wow. It’s insane. Fincher is so good at making movies. He truly is. He’s becoming one of my favorite directors. This is now my 6th film from him. This is just incredible. Brad Pitt was great here. He’s such a talented actor. Morgan Freeman was great as well. Kevin Spacey was insane here. He’s a horrible person but he’s such a good actor. It’s frustrating how horrible he is in real life. The movie is just brilliant. It was never slow. I was never bored by it. It was extremely intense especially in the last twenty minutes. It was also really well written. The dialogue was great. I love that even though Fincher always does fake movies he’s great at sprinkling in jokes throughout his films. He’s just a genius and even though I’m not a big fan of his newest film, I still love him. I had very high expectations for this and it thankfully did not disappoint in the slightest. I just adored this. I can’t believe that I didn’t see it until now! It was a great pick for my 1000th movie. Thanks you everyone who chose it. It’s such an interesting film. I was always captivated by it. It never lost my interest. I was always engaged by it. The story was amazing. I loved the mystery of it. Just everything worked perfectly. The twist was amazing. I’m still processing this. I can’t really put my thoughts of this into words. Just wow. I’ll have to rewatch one day to expand my thoughts but this is an amazing film. I’d highly recommend it. It’s amazing. Overall Se7en is such an incredible and mind blowing movie from the one and only David Fincher.

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