Synecdoche, New York

Synecdoche, New York ★★★★½

Synecdoche New York
is another mind blowing movie from Charlie Kaufman. It’s hard to write a review for this. Where do you start? What do you say? I’m not sure to be honest. This film is absolutely incredible. It’s yet another surreal experience from Kaufman. This film is very depressing. It’s sad to see this man and his depressed life. He never truly got what he wanted. This film is insane. It makes you think. It makes you stare at your ceiling and just be confused. It makes you over examine things. It’s devastating. It’s hard to watch. Kaufman created another masterpiece. Is it pretentious? Probably so. But does that kind of work with the film? Yeah it honestly benefits it. Something can be pretentious without being bad. A lot of the best films are pretentious. This film is truly an experience. It’s not a really a film in that sense. To be honest my words mean nothing looking at the grand scale of this film. It’s hard to write about it. You must see it for yourself. It’s something truly special. Some people will hate and that’s ok but I found it to be amazing. Phillip Seymour Hoffman blew me away. I’ve never seen him give an amazing performance like this. I’ve only seen him in two other films that definitely didn’t fully show his talent. This did. I truly miss him and he will always be remembered. He should won an Oscar for this. It’s one that I’ll be thinking about for weeks. The film is visually striking. Kaufman really showed that he isn’t just amazing at screenplay writing. This was an incredible debut. He showed what he’s cable off. It’s even better than I’m Thinking of Ending Things. I really want to write something giant for this but I can’t. It feels like something I should be able to have so much to say about but for some reason I don’t. Maybe I just have to think about it more but I don’t think it’s supposed to be a film that you can just easily write a review about. It’s a film that you got think about but it’s mostly about the viewer watching it. That’s the main experience of it. Of course the screenplay was amazing as it’s Kaufman. Maybe on rewatch I’ll write something more lengthy but I think this will do for now. Check this out when you have the chance. It effortlessly mixes dark humor and sadness. It’s a hard watch but it’s worth it. Overall Synecdoche New York is Kaufman’s masterpiece.

What’s your favorite film written or directed by Charlie Kaufman

🔙Hannah and Her Sisters

Edit: I know I changed the 5 star rating but I still love it

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