The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back ★★★★★


The Nostalgia is strong with this one!

The Empire Strikes Back is just a perfect movie. You’ve heard all of this time and time again. My favorite Star Wars movie. Hot take I know. It just expands on everything from the first film. Everything is better. The visuals are better. The characters are more developed. The pacing is better. It’s even more fun and exciting. We get to see more parts of this universe. More worlds to explore. These films can be so creative. I love how they build their worlds. The writing/dialogue is a bit better as well. There are so many memorable scenes here. You don’t even need to pay attention all that much. It’s just a fun blast of nostalgia. The ending is of course spectacular. This movie is definitely more dramatic and dark. Though I feel as though in the final few moments we do get a glimpse of hope. We get to see that not all is lost. Star Wars while it is devastating at times especially in the Prequels is are very inspirational films mostly the original trilogy. I think what makes the original trilogy so great is that it has characters you can relate to. Luke is a farm boy. There doesn’t seem to be much special about him. But deep inside we see that’s not true. He has the force. These films show how anyone can have the force. Not everyone but anyone. As long you try to achieve for it. If you truly are good and will used it for greatness. Now of course you can’t really have the force. It doesn’t exist but if you actually try to achieve for something and if your kind then maybe greatness can come. Something like this is greatly and differently explored in Ratatouille. Don’t know why I’m bringing that up just I guess the past few sentences I wrote reminded me of it. Sure you replace that all with cooking but even so that can still relate to any event in life. You have to put effort and heart into things. You can be anyone to achieve great things. Again not everyone. And even those that do try their hardest can fail. But nonetheless I really love that message even if I’m probably over explaining it. Luke Skywalker is a relatable protagonist. He’s not perfect. As Yoda says he’s too focused on the future. He’s. It that perfect warrior that can easily beat that bad guy. In this film he loses. But he’s got what it takes to take them down. He’s a kind person. He cares about his friends. He leaves training with Yoda to make sure they are safe. Of course all the other characters are so iconic as well. We introduced to Boba Fett and Lando in this movie. The twist here is amazing. It’s be amazing to relive seeing this for the first time as a kid being shocked or at least I was probably shocked I don’t necessarily remember because I’ve seen it so many times that my first time isn’t really clear in my mind and anyways I was very young. But it would be amazing to relive watching this for the first time not knowing that twist. I would l or to see this in theaters. I hope I get to see it in a re-release one day. I’m pretty sure they’d do that. I’m a big Star Wars fan even if there are some weaker movies in the franchise. This movie is just special to me. I could say much more but I don’t really feel like it at the moment. Overall The Empire Strikes Back is just a phenomenal science fiction  masterpiece.

Whose your Favorite Star Wars Character?

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