The Game

The Game ★★★½

The Game
is an awesome thriller from David Fincher. The film is really interesting. The story is always slowly building up. It’s always kept mysteriously. What is real? What is part of the game? What even is the game? It all leads to the big twist. Which I personally love. I’m pretty sure they are some they don’t like the twist and I get that. It probably leads to some plot holes and for some it may not be satisfying. I found it to be satisfying though. Michael Douglas is fantastic here. He gives a great performance. He plays a jerk. His character is not a nice person. The Game is slowly driving him insane. He is desperate for answers. Now it is sometime hard to connect to it due to the main character’s unlike-ability but he needed to be that way for the film to work the way it does. The ending wouldn’t work if he wasn’t unlikeable. It’s a very intense and captivating film. The ending makes it all worth while and yeah the film definitely seems like it’s almost just made for that ending to happen. It just builds and builds to it. But then again you could probably have this complaint to one of Fincher’s other films, Se7en to be honest. It’s not necessarily a big issue but a lot of the film doesn’t necessarily hit super hard due to that until the ending. It’s probably not super rewatch able due to that. And maybe not super worth while if you’ve been spoiled unless your just really into mysteries because the mystery aspect is still super cool. It’s just an interesting story and it’s cool to see it all play out. It’s a bit of a flawed film but it’s an enjoyable time. It’s just fun to follow along with this story. Fincher is a talented director and he really shows off his talents here. The score is cool. Everything is planned so meticulously. He’s so good at making mysteries/thrillers. It’s definitely on the weaker end of his films but that doesn’t mean much as he’s just such a great director. I just really enjoyed this movie. The performances are all great. It’s well directed and it’s so interesting. The ending is super awesome. It’s a great movie. Overall The Game is a super enthralling mystery.

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