The Grand Budapest Hotel

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The Grand Budapest Hotel
is a spectacular film by Wes Anderson. The films script is spectacular and it’s really well written. There is also amazing production design and amazing costumes. The cinematography is amazing. The film is very colorful and lively. The film is very funny but it also very dark and I think the film handles that very well. The performances in the film also amazing. There many talented actors and actresses in the movie. I think that Ralph Fiennes especially is amazing in the film. Tony Revolori is also fantastic in the movie. Wes Anderson did an spectacular job at directing this film. I love how colorful it is. I really like the dark humor in the film and it really fits.  I think that this is the best Wes Anderson film I have seen so far. In my eyes it is close to perfect.  Every scene works in my opinion. It has a certain energy to it that I really love. The story of film is really good and is very well developed. The film is also very charming and can be really touching at times. William Dafoe also does a really good job in the film and is very intimidating. The film was also very fast paced and was never slow. This is definitely one of the best films from 2014 That I have seen. Overall The Grand Budapest Hotel is an spectacularly well done film.

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