Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 ★★

Wonder Woman 1984 
is simply put a hot mess. Well it has it’s share of good things, it has even more bad things. It’s extremely mediocre and pretty bad. It’s not the worst thing ever but this could’ve been so much better. I really like the first film and I had some high hopes for this though after the reviews came out I started to l ow what to expect. So thankfully I lowered my expectations enough to not be disappointed. In a way I am but again it isn’t getting positive reviews for the most part and that really made me nervous. This would’ve been at least a bit better in theaters. I think that’s how superhero films should be viewed and are made to be viewed. The theater experience does hide at least some of the flaws as watch these types of films in theaters is honestly very excited. To be honest this isn’t all that exciting. It lacks action. I mean has it but not enough for a superhero film that honestly seems like it’s made for that aspect except it doesn’t have enough. The action is decent. Some fun action sequences but there isn’t much. There’s the very first scene which I guess you could consider one but I found that to be a very bad and boring opening. Then the second one is quite cool. It shows of this awesome 80s vibe that most of the film lacks. Yes a film with literally a year from the 80s in the title does not do enough for the actual 80s vibe. For most of it, it’s easy to forget that it’s even in the 80s. The only 80s stuff mostly comes from that scene I mentioned, Pedro Pascal’s character in a way kind of fits the style, and Chris Pine’s character as he explores the 80s but that’s about it sadly. Back to the action aspect. Yeah then after that beginning scene a lot of the stuff after that lacks so much action. There’s practically nothing after that for around an hour I’d say. There are some other cool fight scenes but it’s lacking in the department that a lot people are probably watching it for. For a film that’s main purpose is to entertain, it honestly bored me for a lot of the runtime. Just a lot of it is so dull. I was uninteresting by a lot. I did definitely have fun throughout. Like at times it really fun and sometimes it’s not. Speaking of runtime, this film is way too long. Like why is the two and a half hours? Like seriously this film does not have enough to defend it’s longness. This could’ve been 30-40 minutes shorter and it would’ve probably stayed mostly the same and would be a bit better. Due to the long runtime of it, a lot is so dragged out. It feels repetitive in many parts. I will say the acting is quite good. Gal Gadot really is perfect in the role. I must say though that for a movie about Wonder Woman, I think it’s lacking Wonder Woman is especially around I don’t know maybe a good chunk near the beginning ish. Hard to fully say when but some of it is lacking her. Chris Pine is also really good. I love his chemistry with Gadot once again and his stuff is some of the best the film has to offer. Pedro Pascal also is actually incredible. Sure his character is very flawed but he really gave it his all. He seems to just have a really fun time in this movie. I really don’t like what they did to his character near the end but whatever. Kristen Wiig is also really good. I like what they did with her character for most of the film until the third act where she has a transformation. First of all it’s stupid and second of all she’s just wasted. Still she did a good job. Now the third act is just so bad. It’s stupid and cheesy and silly. The rest is more so just ok with some good moments and then the third act is kind of awful. The first film already doesn’t have a good third act and this one is even worse. Honestly the film doesn’t even have the best effects. It just isn’t a very good superhero movie or movie in general. It’s poorly written and lacks in many aspects. I like some things to it but it could’ve been so much better. It has some potential to be amazing but it just kind of fails. Overall Wonder Woman 1984 is a pretty bad movie that falls very short of the original!

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