Roma ★★★★★

Wow...just wow.

This film left me speechless. The attention to detail that was put into this is fantastic. For being Alfonso Cuarons first film that he is doing the cinematography himself, this is gorgeous. Every single scene had something for you to look at and you wouldn’t let your eyes leave the screen. The slow panning from left to right and right to left made it even more special. I also love the sound. Oh my god the sound!!! It all felt very realistic, almost like I was actually there. The two main actresses really did put on memorable performances that should never be forgotten in the years to come. The story is basically about 2 women who have to cope with the departure of there lovers and it was told in such a great and honest way. This is definitely a big problem in Mexico that has been happening for many many many years. I think this could show some people what to do if something like this ever happened. Everything will be okay. Left me in tears. Thank you Alfonso

This film is definitely one of my favourites this year but I have to take in this experience to see if it’s better than Mid90s in my opinion


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