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  • Night Visions

    Night Visions


    Hoop-Tober 4.0 movie #18

    A cop is assigned a partner with psychic abilities in order to find a deranged killer.

    While Night Visions is a decent movie, it isn't terribly remarkable or memorable. It's interesting that Craven would make something great and then put out something like this. Watching this, you might suspect that he made it before any of his big successful movies. But Night Visions came after Last House on the Left. After The Hills Have Eyes. After…

  • Out of the Dark

    Out of the Dark


    Hoop-Tober 4.0 movie #17

    A man calling himself "Bobo" recurrently calls a phone sex line, often getting angry and violent during the conversations. The women that work the line start getting murdered by a man in a clown mask one by one, and a detective (Tracey Walter) steps in to investigate.

    For a lesser known slasher, Out of the Dark is quite a solid movie. It's predictable and there aren't a ton of things that jump out that would make…

Popular reviews

  • Wrong Turn

    Wrong Turn


    Hoop-Tober 4.0 movie #13

    People get stranded in the woods and hunted by cannibals.

    This was watchable but pretty dull due to displaying seemingly every predictable horror trope there is. There isn't anything that really makes this movie stand out at all. It tries to be something of a mix of Deliverance and The Hills Have Eyes, but it isn't really trying to make any big statement or telling any kind of significant story. It is legit just: people go…

  • A Chinese Ghost Story

    A Chinese Ghost Story


    Hoop-Tober 4.0 movie #6

    A tax collector travels to a town to collect from the local shops and businesses, but his record book gets ruined in the rain. With no proof of money owed, he has no means of income. So he travels to a nearby abandoned temple for shelter, which he is a little too dense to realize is haunted. He meets a powerful swordsman there and eventually crosses paths with an enchanting ghost woman. What follows is a…