Horror fan trying to watch the classics in every genre, recommendations, and stuff i wanted to see but missed out on. I don't log rewatches.

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  • Vacations of Terror 2

    Vacations of Terror 2


    *Muppet Babies Kermit Halloween-themed decoration in key scene*

  • Girls Nite Out

    Girls Nite Out


    I couldn't tell anyone apart in this, which ruins the whole mystery of the identity of the killer. I had to look up a synopsis to make sense of it. And when I realized who the killer was, it was like "oh. ok." There's some decent scenes though and I like the scavenger hunt/radio tie-in plot element.

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  • Ticks



    Hoop-Tober Movie #6

    Crazy Animal Movie - 1/3


    What a great line; particularly when it's being delivered in a high pitched scream by Clint Howard as the skin on his face disgustingly bulges and throbs.

    Ticks is an enjoyable movie for something you might not have heard about, particularly for myself. Well made practical special effects, creature features, grossout moments, and creative gore effects are high on my list of favorite horror things. This has all…

  • Tales from the Hood 2

    Tales from the Hood 2


    Keith David serves as a fantastic replacement for Clarence Williams III.

    Wraparound - "ROBO HELL" - A Republican politician is preparing for a demonstration of a new robot prototype called THE ROBO PATRIOT. It's designed to learn who to arrest (and execute) by first hand experience and also by hearing stories. The GOP camp decides to bring in our storyteller Keith David to give the robot its first input.

    Story 1 - "GOOD GOLLY" - A pair of ditzy friends…