Blood Freak ★½

Reminded me a fair amount of this crappy hippie movie called Teenage Tramp. A couple of people go to a house full of drug laden hippies and then they have to deal with the consequences of that. Both have really crappy production value, acting, etc. In this one, a guy gets hooked on weed and gets a job at a turkey farm. Then he agrees to be a tester for some chemical added to turkey. All that happens is his head turns into a turkey head (a really crappy awful looking one) and he goes nuts and starts killing people.

Fun parts about this include things like them only having 1 scream sound effect per person. During a part where a woman is screaming, the sound effect is played about 5 or 6 times in a row and the ending of the sound byte is cut off too. Super slick.

Another fun thing is the guy that decides to try a joint for the first time and then goes into heavy (heroin-esque) withdrawals soon after. The guy that runs the turkey farm is the worst actor I've ever seen. This whole thing is just so ridiculously inept and corny and stupid that it's kind of fun, but still not that fun.

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