Writer whose influences include Ingmar Bergman, '40s film noir, '50s musicals, neorealism, and Full House.

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    Robust ‘90s action thriller boasting one of Kurt Russell’s best performances. Lean and tight clocking in at 93 minutes - bare bones in the best way, grabs you from the opening credits and doesn’t let go.

    “That guy” character actor JT Walsh, gone too soon, is a GREAT villain too. It’s a nice slow burn even with the short runtime and the third act rips with shootouts and car chases. 

    Jonathan Mostow directs with a bleak, expansive open road setting that seems to consume Russell whole and increase his desperation. Precise screw-tightening all around. They don’t get more underrated than this.

  • The Worst Person in the World

    The Worst Person in the World


    Between Renate Reinsve here and Alana Haim in LICORICE PIZZA, this is a great time for 20-something women figuring their shit out on film.

    I regret I’ve been meaning to get into Joachim Trier’s work for literal years (since REPRISE and OSLO) and I’m almost glad I waited to devour them all now. This one’s like a harder-edged James L. Brooks, delightfully messy, hilarious in places, unexpectedly sad but also restorative… about as good as original character-driven filmmaking gets.


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  • tick, tick...BOOM!

    tick, tick...BOOM!


    Whoo, I have Thoughts™️.

    It’s fine but ultimately rubbed me the wrong way. Keep in mind I’m not much of a Jonathan Larson fan - his era-defining smash RENT is unfinished, ranges in quality from brilliant to mediocre, and would never have achieved its iconic show-of-a-generation status if not for its creator’s tragic and untimely death.

    The chief problem with this movie is that it’s one insufferable egotist (Lin-Manuel Miranda) paying tribute to another (Larson). I’ve always found Larson a…

  • Zola


    Vapid and hollow to the core. I think it’s time we discussed the stanning of A24 as a company - once a mandate-less indie studio eager to take on emerging filmmakers of any genre/aesthetic, they now seem to have a calculated brand designed to appeal to Very Online™️ film Twitter and Letterboxd denizens.

    It’s all there. The neon. The chunky film grain. The droning Mica Levi score. ZOLA is desperate to let the audience know how effortlessly cool and nonchalant…