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  • Mississippi Burning

    Mississippi Burning


    Alan Parker does not know subtlety. There are a lot of beatings, lynchings, exploding churches, flaming crosses, and N-words (we get it, they’re racist!) in MISSISSIPPI BURNING. It’s a passionate and solidly crafted if predictable docudrama that must have felt a lot more provocative in 1988 than it does today.

    Hackman and Dafoe elevate it of course, along with Frances McDormand and a who’s who of character actors (Tobolowsky! Kevin Dunn! Tobin Bell). Of course it’s unfortunate that there are…

  • Dick Tracy

    Dick Tracy


    I love this SO MUCH. My favorite characters are Glenne Headly’s Tess Trueheart and William Forsythe’s Flattop.

    Vittorio Storaro’s color-drenched noir photography. The stunning Art Deco miniatures and matte paintings. “Vogue”-era Madonna singing Sondheim.

    I’m sure this was a hard one to shoot, but everyone looks like they’re having fun and Beatty’s stalwart movie star charisma is at full wattage.

    A comic book movie that wears its source material as a badge of honor long before it was commercial or cool. A PG-rated shoot-‘em-up for ‘90s kids. The plot’s a little muddled at times, but who cares?

    I could watch it all day.

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  • Joker



    Vapid, pretentious, indulgent Scorsese cosplay.

  • Showbiz Kids

    Showbiz Kids


    Pretty standard HBO doc fare that’s surprisingly unfocused and insubstantial given the juicy subject matter. It really needs to pick a lane, from profiling child stars of the past to more modern examinations of fame, to sexuality and drug addiction and abuse, to celebrity vs. the craft of acting.

    The talking head interviews are solid but it’s all a jumble, and the movie even packs in two up-and-comers (a young Broadway actress without much Hollywood experience and an aspiring Florida…