Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin ★★★

A somewhat uncanny blend of sweet, imaginative fun and dour, bland adult drama. Christopher Robin is at its best when it finds itself in the spirit of A.A. Milne’s naive, uncluttered, life affirming insight into the childish and innocent. However, it far too often leans into noise, schmaltz and cluttered screenwriting. Ewan McGregor is fine as Christopher Robin, although he feels a little too old and under written. Most of the human characters feel rather barebones and the Hundred Acre Wood creatures feel ripped straight out of Milne’s pages, but the situations they find themselves in are often not, and the CGI designs sometimes feel downright creepy. Even if it was great to hear Jim Cummings doing Pooh again. 

Overall Christopher Robin is an oddity. Too childish for adults, but too adult for children. I have no idea who this is trying to target and the result is messy. For a film that professes that we should all do more of nothing it gets awfully busy doing a lot of the opposite.