Opera ★★★½

Argentos least subtle meta-work up until this point, almost a shame he didn't allow the self insert director be the killer, would've made for a much more fun reading of Argentos work. Technically this is truly operatic. The sweeping camera, the lavish production design and the heavy reliance on music. I wish they would've stuck with classical music as the occasional 80s metal blaring over the murders never really worked for me. If I didn't enjoy it in Phenomena it feels even less appropriate here as it seems to pretend it is more subtle than Argentos previous outing. The film also seems to lack more of Argentos off beat humor, other than the constant self referencing there is something slightly harsh about Opera that I very much enjoyed. Somehow the producers of this film allowed Argento to put the words "based on an original idea by Dario Argento" in the opening credits, pretty ballsy considering there are a few too many Phantom of the Opera similarities.

There is also a jarring and almost comical use of occasional voice over explaining the emotions of our heroine to the audience. It is used sparingly, but this makes the moments it is used in even more confusing, as if added in post to needlessly clear things up. It is perhaps particularily funny because the film makes about as much sense as most giallos, it is not about the plot, but about the stylized thrills and in terms of grizzly murder and visceral terror Opera packs many a punch, filled with a lot of inventive visuals.