Panic Room

Panic Room ★★★★

A fairly boilerplate home invasion thriller, which I am a sucker for, elevated immensely through David Fincher’s command of his craft. This is, perhaps, one of the beat looking thrillers I’ve ever seen. All of it looks so insanely good and atmospheric. The constant torrential rain, the dimly lit interiors, the way the titular panic room keeps feeling both claustrophobic, yet big enough to fit all the tension and drama to sustain nearly two hours of running time, it’s all just rock solid. The characters are more than good enough to carry the story with sympathies falling on both the side of Jodie Foster and young Kristen Stewart, as well as on Forrest Whitaker’s burglar. The film honestly had my heart racing, a feeling I miss far too often watching thrillers today. The way Fincher uses CGI blended into long, elaborate tracking shots is just impressive and way ahead of its time. Suck it, Ant-man.

Might decrease on repeat viewings, but such a blast as a first time watch. The film accomplishes pretty much everything it sets out to do flawlessly.