Joker ★★★★

Have you ever felt unfit? Uncomprehended? Well this is the portrait of Arthur Fleck, “one of many” in Gotham City, now an open-air sewer, full of mice and crime that manifest itself every day.
Arthur is sick. He has a neurological disorder that forces him to continue talks with social services and to take numerous pills daily. All this also has a side effect: in moments of great tension or embarrassment, Arthur can’t stop laughing. An unconditional reflex that does not reflect his real state of mind, and that in the eyes of others makes him a fool.

Todd Phillips, with Scott Silver, invents the Joker’s origin story, creating a new product for the genres he belongs to. In term of realism we are far beyond Christopher Nolan’s idea, everything is incredibly painful. Even Arthur Fleck’s laughter causes sadness, instead of being contagious, even if this is mainly thanks to a wonderful Joaquin Phoenix.

Todd Phillips Joker is a visceral, direct, bloody work that nails the viewer to the armchair and spills everything that doesn't fit into the society outside the room.

A beautiful cinematography, an incredible soundtrack and a majestic, gorgeous Joaquin Phoenix who once again show he is one of the best actors of his generation.

A drama that breaks the heart and opens the consciences of those who sit in the seats of the cinema, with a language suitable for everyone, even who do not like very much the cinecomic.