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  • Mister Designer

    Mister Designer


    A phantasmagorical journey into dreams and nightmares. A film of enigma and sublime transcendence. Cinematography and sets: exquisite; lush colors. Nearly every frame, a canvas of artistic masterpiece. The epitome of a film where the soundtrack (here by the avant-garde genius, Sergei Kuryokhin) is not a mere supplement but is essential and fundamental in the film's complex design.
    My favorite formula in film: watch it over and and over and keep noticing nuances, clues, meanings and mysteries. A film that transcends movie-watching. A film gives food for thought and interpretation.

  • Ghost Stories

    Ghost Stories


    Well shot and for the most part well acted. Unfurls under the guise of being conceptually deep, yet is purely tangled and convoluted, resulting in wholly pretentious drivel. The denouement is particularly cheap.
    Provides a couple of moments that are truly frightening.

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  • I Wake Up Screaming

    I Wake Up Screaming


    Well worth seeing if only for the top notch performance of the brilliant Laird Cregar. He simply shines. This film is a great introduction for anyone unfamiliar with this underrated, fantastically talented actor.

    Unique soundtrack and great lighting.

  • Blast of Silence

    Blast of Silence


    The quintessential near-faultless noir on a shoestring budget.
    Allen Baron has the perfect looks for the role; two parts De Niro, one part Lino Ventura, with a twist of George C. Scott.
    Stinging shots of New York City scattered throughout. Stark and searing narration with smooth and immaculate writing by the legendary Waldo Salt.
    A film of bleak desperation and anguished loneliness.