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  • Our Friends in the North
  • Persepolis
  • Hellzapoppin'
  • The Band Wagon

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  • Knight and Day

    Knight and Day


    KNIGHT AND DAY (2010) USA colour 117m.
    Directed by James Mangold.
    Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.

    Third watch!

    First time I rated it 6/10. The next time 8/10.
    This third watch was the extended 117m. cut. I maintained the 8/10 and added a small heart of favourism. A very agreeable action film with none of the shortcomings of the Bondage canon.

  • Hugo and Josephine

    Hugo and Josephine


    HUGO OCH JOSEFIN (1967) Sweden colour 79m.
    Directed by Kjell Grede.

    Cast: Fredrik Becklén and Marie Öhman.
    Beppe Wolgers, Inga Landgré, Helena Brodin, Bellan Roos ao.

    Based on children's books by swedish author Maria Gripe, this turned out to be a marvel of BIZARRE quality film about children.

    Bizarre as childhood was.
    Beautiful and surreal.
    Great rewatchability.

    I finally found the (2008) DVD with subtitles in english, norwegian and swedish.

Popular reviews

  • A Tale of Springtime

    A Tale of Springtime



    Much talk.
    Nothing really happens.
    In the end nothing has changed.

    Colour code: definitely blue.

    I have loved every encounter with the cinema of Eric Rohmer this far.

  • The Thing From Another World

    The Thing From Another World



    Rewatch 2016-07-21.

    The last time I watched this, several years ago, I thought it was a nice OLD horror story; entertaining but obviously old-looking.

    This time I was really surprised how well-paced, interesting and fast-flowing it felt. It works very well in 2016 as well as it must have done in 1951.
    WHAT A JOYFUL WATCH it is even now!

    Credited directors are Christian Nyby and Howard Hawks.
    Kenneth Tobey and Margaret Sheridan have top billing.…