Stalker ★★★★

STALKER (1979) Soviet Union, colour, 155m.
Directed by Andrey Tarkovskiy.
Based on the novel "Piknik na obochine" by the Russian science fiction writers, brothers Arkadiy and Boris Strugatskiy.

Rewatched 2018-05-14 on the big screen in a real movie theatre, thanks to Folkets Bio/Cinemateket in Umeå, Sweden.

Glorious one-off showing thanks to my local cinema.
Not the commercial movie-chain as they mostly show movies for children, blockbusters and Marvel moneyspinners.

A real treat in a real cinema. Unfortunately, I was a bit too tired to keep the focus for almost three hours as it is a rather demanding watch. The room with 100 seats was almost full and the heat was quite tangible so I dosed off a little towards the end. If there had been another chance to watch it I would have waited for another evening. I have of course watched it before, but as this was one-off so I am happy to have managed to catch it in a real movie theatre.

A remarkable and demanding watch of the highest order.
It was me who couldn't deliver.
I will grade THIS watch as 8/10 anyway, until next time.

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