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  • Barry Lyndon

    Barry Lyndon


    The only real issue I have with Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon is that there aren’t enough duels. Sure, there are quite a few duels, but if I had my way, Redmond Barry would have immediately challenged every character he meets to a duel. After all, what conflict cannot be resolved by a good old fashioned duel? A couple of vagrants attempt to rob you of your gold at gunpoint on your path to Dublin? Duel! Your wife dares to complain after…

  • Kate Plays Christine

    Kate Plays Christine


    People seem surprised that two movies about Christine Chubbuck have happened to be released in the same year, but there's actually one Chubbuck-related film due to be made in each of the next six years too.

    2017: Kate Plays Rebecca Playing Christine
    Kate Lyn Sheil reenacts Rebecca Hall's performance as Christine Chubbuck in 2016's Christine

    2018: Rebecca Plays Kate Playing Rebecca Playing Christine
    Rebecca Hall reenacts Kate Lyn Sheil's performance as Rebecca Hall in 2017's box office smash hit Kate…

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  • Crazy Rich Asians

    Crazy Rich Asians


    "Douche-nozzle" was strike 1
    "Two girls one cup... of noodles" was strike 2
    The Coldplay cover, strike 3, get the fuck outta here

  • Face 2 Face

    Face 2 Face


    Maybe it's because I've just worked for 8 days straight and I'm stressed about my living situation and I've gone a whole week without watching a film (!!) but I needed a distraction and this absolutely HAD me. So dumb in parts but extremely emotionally involving and the two leads have perfect chemistry. Deals with sensitive subject matters in a derivative and probably exploitative manner, but after Book of Henry idk if I have it in me to get mad…

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  • 4th Man Out

    4th Man Out


    Would've been a good movie if it had the balls to let the main two dudes hook the fuck up.

  • Barry



    Two words are curiously absent for the majority of Vikram Gandhi's Barry. Those words are 'Barack' and 'Obama'. In this year's other college-age presidential biopic, Southside With You, those words hang over the heads of the characters in every scene and therein lies the reason why the former is a considerably better film. Whereas SWY is a story about the two people who grew up to be President and First Lady, Barry is about a young man of mixed race…