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  • Cats



    Will raise rating to 3 stars once they re-edit Jason Derulo's cat penis back in.

  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


    Will raise rating to 3 stars once they re-edit Babu Frik's human penis back in.

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  • Slacker



    I may live badly, but at least I don't have to work to do it.

    Ideal hottest day of summer viewing. Makes me wanna become a whole different type of loser to the one I am already.

  • I Used to Go Here

    I Used to Go Here


    Took a break halfway through this thinking I wasn't into it at all, felt very unnecessary in a post Young Adult world and totally lacked that Diablo Cody edge, and while I don't think any of that is strictly untrue, I totally loved the 2nd half. The college kids are an invaluable addition and feel like people rather than college or gen z stereotypes & I love that Jemaine's character, a sleazy, jaded professor with no real opinions, is the one…

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  • 4th Man Out

    4th Man Out


    Would've been a good movie if it had the balls to let the main two dudes hook the fuck up.

  • Barry



    Two words are curiously absent for the majority of Vikram Gandhi's Barry. Those words are 'Barack' and 'Obama'. In this year's other college-age presidential biopic, Southside With You, those words hang over the heads of the characters in every scene and therein lies the reason why the former is a considerably better film. Whereas SWY is a story about the two people who grew up to be President and First Lady, Barry is about a young man of mixed race…