Before Sunset ★★★★★

Nothing like a good therapy session with Jesse and Céline.

This may be my favourite film of all time and on this watch it hit me as hard as it ever has on an emotional level, but I'm afraid my main takeaway from this viewing is that Ethan Hawke is devastatingly ginger in this movie. I can't think of any other film where his hair's even close to as red as it is here, during the boat scene in particular he was more ginger than man; it genuinely distracted me.

At any rate, if I ever manage to get through that moment in the taxi - when Jesse is pouring his heart out and Céline, overcome with emotion herself, almost instinctively reaches out to touch his hair - without having to literally gasp for air because I'm so flustered, then y'all may as well just get me fucking euthanised because my brand will be well and truly dead in that moment.