The Strangers: Prey at Night ★★½

Know what'd be cool? One of these movies made from the perspective of the Strangers themselves, but we never see them without their masks and still don't know their motives. I think that has the potential to be genuinely disturbing. This, though? I decided to see it despite not being a fan of the original or home invasion horror in general, because a load of people on here seem to think it's secretly great or w/e and during the first half I was BAFFLED. It's really well shot (the zooms are almost Altman-esque lol) but OH MY GOD WHO CARES, MOTIVELESS VILLAINS ARE BORING THIS IS BORING. Then the final act actually kinda fucks, the swimming pool scene rivals the one in It Follows and all the violence is choreographed so well and there's some nice gore n stuff. Kudos for being a tight 80 minutes minus credits too, though that contributes to this essentially ending up fun but forgettable. Probably a slight improvement on the original imo, but as I've said before, we probably don't need another home invasion horror ever again.