Victoria ★★★★★

Oh my fucking god, this one's special. I think I'm inherently drawn to films that take place in real time because in my opinion, that's the only way you can really obtain the effect of 'spending time' with a character. Add in the one-shot gimmick (gimmicks can be really great things too, they don't have to be cheap and easy) and the most wonderful, adorable, badass titular character ever and you've got yourself one hell of a ride. I felt literally every tinge of emotion Victoria felt over the past two hours, and trust me, that's a wide range of emotions. One minute I was desperately willing for the relationship between her and Sonne to elevate, the next I was terrified for their lives. It's hard to immediately put your thoughts into words after viewing such an incredible film, but I'm certain this is one of the best films of last year and potential top 50 material for me personally. I implore you to watch this as soon as possible because it's ridiculously great and not enough people have seen it. I'm off to sit still in a comfy chair for 10 hours to try and lower my heartbeat.

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