Annette ★★★½

After quite some time, I'm back into writing, and boy, how I've missed it. 

I tried not to read or see anything about the film before watching it. The only thing I knew was that it was a musical. I can't quite say I liked it; it holds an important and relevant statement on toxic masculinity. An imaginative and unconventional ride, accompanied by Sparks (it's funny, because the day after, during the Morelia Film Festival, I watched the Sparks Brothers documentary by Edgar Wright, which I recommend) electrifying rock opera. It's one of the most captivating and fierce performances by Adam Driver, who definitely carries the whole weight of the film on his back. 

I'm not going to lie to you, it took me a lot of work to get to the end, even though I saw it in a movie theater. It feels excessively long, being such a simple story. It's over the top, it's bold, ridiculous, loud, and it seems Carax had a lot of fun in the making of it (and also smoked a lot of it).

Not sure if I would watch again. If you're not into musicals, skip it. If you want to see a shirtless, ripped Adam Driver through two and a half hours, give it a go.

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