Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

First of all. I'm a huge fan of the zombie genre; there's something about these post-apocalyptic settings and a zombie concept that has always blown me away. We saw Zack Snyder successfully reviving George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead in 2004, making his comeback with Army of the Dead. I've always been a fan of practical effects (that's why World War Z was a bit of a turn-off with its CGI). This time around, we see an interesting mix of both, and the result was fairly entertaining and thrilling to watch.

Good things first. Even though that build-up lasts quite long, the film is packed with action. You may not feel it during the first act, but once it hits, it maintains its rhythm until the end. I think I haven't seen it before, but the way they retain the spread was interesting; usually, the whole world gets infected, but this time it was just Sin City, and maybe they targeted it purposely being this the city where the most greed, power, excess, security, and money there is. The social commentary (as in Dawn of the Dead) is still here. Capitalism, over-powered, greedy men, corruption, abuse, sexism, etc. The zombie-killing squad is as badass as it can be, led by a brutally lovable Dave Bautista. The special effects are certainly effective, but as I already said, I'm a huge fan of practical effects, and when the CGI turns obvious (and unnecessary) it turns me off. Also, I'm not against this formula of having super strong and intelligent zombies; these "alphas" are stronger, faster, and thinkers (in a way) and, as I can recall, the "alpha King" looked like it was going to be tested as a weapon by the government, so their strength does make sense to me after all. They were intervened and made much stronger (this I'm making it up, it's never explained in the movie, but I guess it works this way). There were also some decent, gory death sequences, like that one with the strippers during the intro credits.

Now, what I didn't like. The zombies. Maybe they were intended that way, but I could've used a scarier and more imposing zombie, for sure. Give me more brains, guts, and blood! Radically changing the subject, the same thing happened to me with The Hobbit. Orcs weren't as creepy (due to the excessive CGI) as in The Lord of the Rings. Valentine was cool, though. In some parts of the movie, it feels like everything resides in the dialogues (which are kind of weak), and that can surely interfere with your viewing experience, making you start to feel the weight of that running time. You know there's some action coming, but sometimes it takes time to get ongoing. One other thing. I couldn't help but think what a cool experience it could've been watching it in the cinema.

A perfect "turn your brain off", silly, loud, blood splattering flick, that does nothing but entertain. Zack Snyder having lots of fun.

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