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  • Alice in Wonderland

    Alice in Wonderland


    Remembered it was better, but definitely one of my least favorite Disney movies. Kid wasn't all that impressed either - don't think he'll let me pick for a while...

  • Tom of Finland

    Tom of Finland


    A solid drama about the importance of self-fulfillment, dignity and finding your voice in a time, when everyone wants you to be silent.

    Felt a bit rushed towards the end, but the movie made up for it with subtle humor, beautiful cinematography and a great performance by the lead guy, Pekka Strang.

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  • Trash Humpers

    Trash Humpers


    Saw this at a film festival in 2010. Trash Humpers has got to be one of the most uncommercial and marginal films I've ever seen. Shot in grainy VHS, it features episodes of grotesquely masked people posing as elderly folk and doing odd things in the shady back alleys of Nashville. They hump trash cans, trees and bushes, abuse dolls, smash things, laugh like maniacs and chant annoying refrains.

    I wasn't expecting a pleasurable or easy viewing experience in the…

  • Spring Breakers

    Spring Breakers


    A full blast of crazy, candy-colored, intertextual, in-your-face pop art - stirring in everything from our fascination with sex, drugs, guns & violence and pursuing the American Dream Tony Montana style to idolizing Britney Spears and exploring what is left at the ugly core, when layers of morality and common decency (represented, in my opinion, by Faith and Cotty) are peeled off.

    James Franco is absolutely hilarious, the soundtrack is pure brilliance and the images of partying spring breakers ooze decadence,…