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  • Sabotage



    “But she said it before, or was it after? I can’t remember.” 

    Hitchcock at what he does best. Building upon building upon building its nail-biting suspense with seemingly simple yet subtly brilliant form that it just absolutely works. A top-notch thriller that can be studied for years in a row.

  • I Married a Witch

    I Married a Witch


    It just works. Everything about this movie works. Its dry humor, its clever visuals, its dynamic and witty script, its intoxicating romance. Both Veronica Lake and Fredric March boast an all-timer chemistry together and it is just deliciously entertaining to watch. That ending put such a big and devilish smile on my face. God, this film is good.

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  • 1917



    I went expecting only a marvelous technical achievement but instead I got a riveting, moving and ultimately powerful war film with Mendes and Deakins at their respective bests.

    That wasn't one shot though, it was two, maybe three I'm not sure, but it's still very, very impressive.

    Newman's score felt out of place sometimes and it was a little bit "typical" if that makes sense but it was still very good and really powerful at times. Deakins work is of…

  • Waves



    "He's not a monster. He's not evil. He's just a human being."

    That line, perfectly delivered by Sterling K. Brown, perfectly describes what Trey Edward Shults is trying to do here. Showing us what makes us humans. Hate. Love. Forgiveness and loss. But also, how sometimes we can thrive and try to move on. We cannot change the past. We have to move on one way or another.

    I understand why this film wouldn't work for some and I get…