Possessor ★★★½

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Possessor lenkt durch Ästhetik ab, um dann zuzuschlagen:
Hässlich ist nämlich der Ort, an dem kein ethischer Code mehr Gültigkeit besitzt.

I embrace the fact that Brandon Cronenberg doesn't feel like explaining, apparently, he’s more busy going full speed for a proper rating. Ha!, I spotted an erection, don't worry, shy horror devotee, just for a moment — for me personally, that was not the body horror part.
Hard facts: If you wonder, why BC has such a nasty flowing imagination, I’d like to remind you of Ophiocordyceps unilateralis. This little fellow is up to mischief as -> parasitic species of fungus that grows on ants and manipulates their behaviour in such a way that the host loses control over its own body entirely. After a period of infection, the insect moves to a place that offers optimal living conditions for the fungus and passes away. The fungus manipulates the ant to bite into surfaces such as the underside of leaves or bark. In the Messel Pit (Grube Messel, Germany) 48 million year old fossil finds of ants were discovered that had bitten into leaves, which underlines the age of this manipulation of behaviour. So I suppose, Mother Nature is not always a saint either.
First off I read about the pitiable ants in the German Laborjournal (catchy headline: Zombies sind unter uns = Zombies are amongst us), and frankly I admit that this evil business has never left me since; still have the issue today (Heft 5/2012). Perhaps the perusal for you, gentle reader, before going to bed with your nightcap. Cheers.

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