The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★★

Kein Einmal-Anschauen-Und-Gut-Is'-Film.
Auch steht 'The Way of Tarot' auf meiner Einkaufsliste — und ich mag die Schluss-Pointe -> Real life awaits us…

Let’s imagine Stanley Kubrick enjoys a glass of speed lemonade while having a party with colleagues including a bunch of notorious surrealists. Money doesn’t matter, no executive chief whatsoever is asking for anything daft, cute, stupid. No one-line jokes. Logic? Who the heck cares.
Don Coscarelli and David Lynch both wish for a dream centerpiece sort of sequence (with a midget), meanwhile Werner Herzog lectures about jungle, locals, natives, pure authenticity. Michael Bay drivels something in his corner before yelling: WOOOSH! Terry Gilliam looks away in disgust, however, whiffing quietly Luis Buñuel makes a note:
Toad pyramid explosion.

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