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  • Saint Maud

    Saint Maud

    Don't bother

    I really didn't feel anything. There was minimal character development and a lack of storytelling. It's definitely not a horror. It would have been useful to learn more about Maud, what happened in the hospital, how she came to be what we see on the screen - basically, we needed to know her backstory. We didn't get any of this, so for me it was just watching a troubled young woman doing strange things that seem schizophrenia related…

  • Titane


    ashamed to be half French...

    "Titane" has been hyped as a bizarre and original entry into the horror genre but its premise is nothing new (think of a messy mash-up of David Cronenberg's 'Crash' and 1977's "Demon Seed"). Anyone who has followed horror or science fiction films for the last five or ten years will find nothing unique or unsettling here. The film seems desperate to try and shock viewers by portraying excessive scenes of violence but it frequently goes…

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  • Dune



    This is only the beginning!

    Denis Villeneuve directs this faithful adaptation covering the first half of the 1965 sci-fi novel by Frank Herbert.

    Set in the far future, it follows Paul Atreides as his family, the noble House Atreides, is thrust into a war for the deadly and inhospitable desert planet Arrakis.

    First of all I went into the movie without knowing anything about the world of Dune. The only thing I knew was that there was a movie adaptation…

  • Parasite



    For those who didn't like the movie because of its second half

    Warning: Spoilers

    It's not really a review but my attempt to explain how I interpreted the movie to those who complain that the film is overrated, especially if the reason is that they didn't like the second half of it.

    It's much easier to understand the message of a movie when the 'good guys' win or the 'bad guys' get punished in the end. I'm not saying that…