The Avengers ★★★

I was excited to see this film, and I was enjoying it until about half way through when it just started to get too jokey. Just when things started to get remotely serious *boom* random joke to lighten the mood. I get having a few in there, especially given the characters involved, but it got to the point (especially toward the end) that couldn't really get too invested into the story because there were all these stupid quips and gags distracting me and saying, "Hey, this is a kid's movie distributed by Disney, just thought I'd remind you!" Which I get that it's supposed to be a lighter comic book movie than say "Batman" but by the end of this movie I didn't get the sense that there was any real danger, or that the heroes really had their backs against the wall. Any time Loki started to get the upper hand, the Avengers quickly smacked him down, so at no point did I feel the Avengers were in any real danger.

Plot wise, there are a few things that really didn't sit well with me was Nick Fury telling the Avengers, "Hey, there's a stolen cube that is going to destroy the world if we don't get it back" and they're all like, "Yeah, whatever" but then there's a battle on the ship and one of the agents they all know dies in battle and then suddenly they're like, "OMG, they killed Agent Phil! Game on, bitches!" and they fly into battle. The second plot thing that bothered me is more of a question - can Bruce control the Hulk or not? We see him go on a rampage on the ship, but then at the end he's like, "Yeah, I can control this to the point of instantly morphing and taking orders from my fellow Avengers." Speaking of the Hulk, what was the deal with him picking up the Loki-Pokey stick on the ship during the scene where they were all bickering and then someone (I forget who) says, "Put the (Loki-Pokey) stick down." and Bruce goes "Now I can't show you my cool trick." What trick was he planning on showing and what did it have to do with his ambiguous ability to control the Hulk? One final thing that I didn't quite get was Loki intentionally getting himself caught so he could.....yeah, I don't know. If his plan was to attack their ship then why not...attack the ship. Why stage some elaborate nonsense when you could easily use that time to open the portal and begin the invasion before the Avengers have a chance to learn of your full plan, or even assemble for that matter.

Ok, enough of the negative, because there were a lot of positive things about the film, for instance - Loki. He was awesome! He was up there with the Joker I think. He just came across as so creepy and devious (that is, when the movie wasn't paused for a few cheap quips). I really hope to see more of him in some capacity in either the next Thor or Avengers movie, since there will probably be more given this ones success (which I'm looking forward to the sequel in hopes that they will go the "Wrath of Khan" route with the follow up). Despite not really knowing if the Hulk is controlled or not didn't take away from the fact that they used him in probably the best way possible, especially when he just straight up grabs Loki and beats the crap out of him (of course this awesome moment is quickly undercut with another gag to get the audience laughing, but before that it, was awesome). Another positive was Hawk Man. Who would've thought you could take such a silly character and making him interesting and really badass? And of course, probably the best part of the movie is Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. His charisma is great and he was used a lot in the film to lighten things up from time to time, which was fine because it fit the character, but when you have every character participating in gags and jokes, it just gets old and distracting as I said before.

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