In & Out ★½

It has been over 15 years since this comedy was released. A lot has changed in how people view homosexuals since then. I had never seen this before and felt that I should. Frank Oz has delivered some terrific films. I was not a fan of this and I don't see how it could have aged well. No, gay humor and stereotypes are not the only source for laughter here. It takes shots at Hollywood too I suppose, but nothing very biting. The perception is that this is a clever satire and I think that's giving the film too much credit. After Tom Hanks outed his professor upon winning his first Oscar for Philadelphia, Hollywood saw a golden opportunity and pumped out this script. When the jokes aren't obvious and eye-rolling, they're mean-spirited. Any satirization is low-key. The storyline is predictable as hell, all the way to the lame ending that wraps up everything in a tidy bow. It is not believable in the slightest that the town would have made the transition to acceptance so easily. Kevin Kline is ok as the lead, but he is plagued with a poorly fleshed out character, dull gags, and an overacted cast. Perhaps in the late 90's this was considered acerbic. Now this "feel good" picture looks ridiculous and overdoses on the saccharine by the conclusion. It never really knows what it wants to be: satire, morality play, light comedy? And it includes Tom Selleck sans stache, which is a no-no.