Allied ★★★

Je t'aime, Québécois.
-Marianne Beausejour

In my old age I forgot to log this and had to try and figure out when I had watched it... to which Mrs. DuLac said "Does it really matter which date you log it on?" which I immediately replied with a shocked "Stop talking nonsense woman!"... things went downhill from there.

Someone needs to get Robert Zemeckis to calm the hell down when it comes to the use of computers in film. This movie had fantastic potential for a great drama with real emotion, but for me it almost gets all drowned out by way too many over the top scenes with the worst offender probably being when Marianne (Marion Cotillard) gives birth to their first child.

So many scenes like that just felt silly and they weren't needed. Sure Brad Pitt isn't exactly heralded as the greatest actor of his (or anyone's) generation, but under the best of circumstances he can hold his own and with Marion Cotillard there to do the real heavy lifting for the dramatic scenes all this over-the-top-CGI-fuckfest-George Lucas-School-of-Film-making-crap was not necessary.

This had all the potential of being a really great World War II drama. Somebody's got to reel in Zemeckis before he continues down this road of over-produced CGI messes, especially for scenes that could be made great by just the actors.

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