American Psycho II: All American Girl

This girl has no concept of reality.

You run into these sometimes where the very notion of a sequel is simply a horrendous idea and that's even before you know the idiotic details of what's in the film.

First off the character of Patrick Bateman has what would be equivalent to a quick cameo here complete with a stand-in playing him because there was no way Christian Bale was coming anywhere near the vicinity of this one. I'd be surprised if they even approached him about it as I'm sure director Morgan J. Freeman was fully aware that he was making crap.

Once you get passed the flimsy connection to the original movie, it becomes painfully obvious that they adapted an original screenplay into an American Psycho sequel. Mila Kunis is Rachael, an apparent survivor of Patrick Bateman that has her own issues as she is studying criminology... from Captain Kirk.

Despite the fact that I can usually find some kind of fun watching Kunis and William Shatner in anything, this is just too damn stupid enjoy. It has a a torturous soundtrack, completely forgettable characters and a ridiculous plot. It's like having an rash ridden eleventh toe. You know it shouldn't exist, but you're not sure how to get rid of it.