Barbarella ★★★★

What's that screaming? A good many dramatic situations begin with screaming...

I think this film passes BAD twice and finally stops on GREAT. Can a film truly be bad if you enjoy every second of it? I think not. First of all Jane Fonda is fantastic in this and not just because her costumes get destroyed every 5 minutes and she ends up either naked or sporting a new skimpy outfit.

Fonda is truly funny and charming in this and not in a so bad it's funny kinda way. Her performance is genuinely charming as hell. She really has great comedic timing with the dialogue, knows when to dead pan and when to give a great reaction. The fact that she can act incredibly sexy and innocent at the same time doesn't hurt either.

The universe Barbarella exists in is totally ludicrous. It's not a 60s vision of the future, but it's as if future technology was dropped into the 60s. A 1960s where the hippies won and the power of love rules the galaxy. Shag carpeting is the in-look for spaceships and clothing is optional when meeting the President of Earth for a mission briefing.

The remake of Barbarella might eventually be made, but it will never be this "good".

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