Black Mirror: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too ★★★

She doesn't understand how fragile all of this is.

This started out great. Two sisters dealing with the loss of their mother in different ways. The youngest incredibly unhappy until she gets a "Ashley Too" and develops a "friendship" that certainly seems to make her happy. Is this healthy? I dunno, let's explore this!

This was classic Black Mirror material and I loved the two sisters played by Angourie Rice and Madison Davenport. I really liked where this was going at first. Then... it's like Charlie Brooker found out half way through writing this that they got Miley Cyrus for the part of Ashley O and the original story that he was going for got thrown out the window to include much more Ashley and suddenly delve into some weird teen sci-fi adventure.

I still enjoyed it though, but honestly there was two separate stories here that would have each made a great dark BM story, but they get thrown together with not enough depression in them. Who the fuck got this "hope" in my Black Mirror? I really do think they let the criticism of it being to bleak and depressing mess with the stories this year. Black Mirror is supposed to be dark and depressing god damn it.

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